Setting up a company’s data and telecommunication system is not as easy as plugging a socket into an outlet. This is an intricate work that needs to be done with expertise and complete care. Voice and data cabling is the backbone of a company’s communication system. The voice and data network is now viewed as a fourth utility in a building (and some believe the most crucial utility for a well-functioning business). LaCorte Companies is a first-class voice and data cabling company that can provide your business with the smooth flow of communication needed to unify the work force of your business.

First-class voice and data network communication is the key to one’s company now and for the future. In planning for installing a reliable cabling infrastructure for voice and data, several things need to be considered such as network integrators, architects and electrical engineers. As a leading voice and data cabling company, LaCorte Companies can provide high speed fiber optic network that supports multiple dynamic applications, sustain all your networking needs, and continue the rate of growth through innovative technological upgrades.

Whether you need fiber optic cable installation, structured cabling services or qualified voice and data contractors, we’re the complete team of professionals who can help.

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Here is a partial list of some of our projects;

  • New York State Legislative Office Building
  • New York State Thruway
  • Transworld Entertainment/FYE