Commercial and industrial customers throughout Upstate New York rely on LaCorte Electrical Construction and Maintenance to keep their operations running smoothly.  If you are experiencing disruptions and production downtime caused by outages, failures or breakdowns in electrical systems, LaCorte can help. Our technicians are equipped with service vans with the necessary equipment to provide emergency electrical repairs at the highest level.

LaCorte can assess and diagnose any electrical emergency to help you minimize the expense and loss of productivity caused by work stoppages:

  • Comprehensive inventory of electrical systems and components
  • Identification of immediate problems
  • Determination of critical points of failure that affect production/safety
  • Development of plan that meets operational, safety and budget requirements
  • Test emergency backup and power systems


  • Trouble Shooting Electrical Issues
  • Maintenance & Repair of Over Head/Underground Electrical Systems
  • Emergency Storm Damage Response and Repair
  • National Electric Code or NEC
  • Electrical Service Upgrade/Repair
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Stand-by Generator Installation
  • Underground Cable Locating
  • Underground Cable Fault Locating and Repair
  • Power Monitoring


  • General Maintenance, Repair and Alterations for Commercial and Industrial Facilities
  • Motor Control and Process Wiring
  • Building Lighting Design/Upgrade
  • Energy Efficiency Consultation//Energy Management
  • Parking Lot Light Installation, Maintenance, Repair
  • Underground Cable Locating
  • Underground Cable Fault Locating and Repair
  • Emergency Storm Damage Response and Repair
  • Fire Alarm Installation
  • Data Cabling
  • Fiber Optic
  • UPS Installation
  • Telecommunications
  • Power Distribution
  • Medium Voltage Splicing and Testing
  • Energy Management

For many companies, regularly-scheduled preventive maintenance turns out to be much less expensive than emergency electrical services. To proactively deal with potential problems before they become actual hazards, enroll in an ongoing maintence program.  We have the ability to design and implement a routine service schedule for your organization so you can avoid future problems. To get started, contact us today.